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Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer

Automatic voltage stabilizer, automatic voltage regulator. Servo motor and relay output type, analog, digital and LCD display, accuracy covering 1%, 3% and 5%, wide input voltage, bypass function, overload, over temperature and short circuit protection are selectable. Single phase up to 200kVA and three phase up to 3000kVA, split phase and intelligent type AVR/AVS are available.

  • SVC-S


    Relay output AVR (SVC-S) General SVC - S ( super - thin type ) series single - phase voltage stabilize r also is developed on the basis of SVC, it has excellent performance and smart appear..

  • SVC-C


    8 - digit CPU manufactured by Samsung Korea, its voltage stabilizing precision and delay time can be set according to need. With protection functions of time delay, under-voltage, overload, excess temperature and mechanical fault etc.

  • SVC-E


    Single phase automatic voltage stabilizers (SVC-E,digital display) General SVC-E (digital display type) series single-phase voltage stabilizer adopts digital display technology, it can disp..

  • SVC


    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (SVC) General SVC single - phase and three -phase high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer is one kind of our dominant products, made up of contact au..



    Voltage Stabilizer (TND/TNS) General TND and TNS series single-phase and three-phase voltage stabilizer is developed on the basis of SVC, it not only bears all characteristics of SVC, ..



    Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (JJW/JSW high precision type) General JJW, JSW series precision purified AC voltage stabilizer integrates voltage stabilization and purification and adopts advance..



    Voltage Regulator (DBW/SBW automatic compensated type) General DBW . SBW series single - phase and threephase full automatic compensated voltage regulator (hereinafter referred to as volta..

  • SBW-F (Split phase)

    SBW-F (Split phase)

    Three phase Voltage Stabilizers (split phase,SBW-F AVS) 20-60k/VA control board 80-120k/VA control board Control board of above 150k/VA(include 15) Model & spec  ..



    Automatic Voltage regulators (AVR) General This voltage regulator is the 14th generation of power saving product of electromechanical industry, used widely in fields like voltage regulating, te..



    Voltage Regulators (High power) General TEDGZ and TESGZ series single - phase and three-phase high power post type voltage regulator is a kind of new product developed and de signed by our comp..

  • TSD


    AC voltage stabilizers (TSD intelligent type) General TSD series intelligent A C voltage stabilizer , which is developed by our company adopts 8 - position CPU manufactured by the world-famous ..

  • HSD


    AC voltage stabilizer (HSD luxurious type) General HSD luxurious type home AC voltage stabilizer is the latest hanging type power supply developed on the basis of the original product . The pro..

  • DJW/SJW-WB (Microcomputer controller)

    DJW/SJW-WB (Microcomputer controller)

    Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (DJW/SJW-WB microcomputer controller type) General DJW - WB, SJW - WB series single - phase and three - phase microcomputer contactless compensation voltage stabil..


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